Sun Moon Lake seeks to woo Muslim visitors with halal restaurants

Sun Moon Lake authorities unveiled Tuesday a halal certification program for restaurants in the area in a bid to attract more Muslim visitors to one of Taiwan’s best known scenic spots.

There is currently only one restaurant certified to meet Islamic dietary laws in the mountainous area, according to the Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area Administration.

That is why administrators are inviting local restaurateurs interested in obtaining halal certification to a workshop scheduled for July 1 at the lakeside Fleur de Chine Hotel.

Organized in cooperation with Taiwan’s Chinese Muslim Association, the workshop will include an introduction to Muslim culture, Islamic dietary requirements and management guides for Muslim-friendly restaurants.

According to statistics from the Tourism Bureau, Taiwan is home to 50 restaurants and hotels with halal certification as of the end of March, including 11 five-star hotels, three four-star hotels and two three-star hotels.

*This article was originally published on Want China Times on 19 June 2014. Read the original article here.

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