Pakistan can grab major share of world Halal food market

Pakistani Halal products are fast gaining  ground in international halal market and the government should expedite  measures to start certification to give required boost to this trade that has 16 per cent share in total world trade. Malaysian State Minister for Religious Affairs and Domestic Trade Penang, Haji Abdul Malik Kassim,  said that “promotion of Halal products is our national agenda and expressed the optimism that Pakistan can triple Halal food exports by formulating and implementing policies in consultation with private sector,” Technology Times Reported.

In his remarks, Provincial Secretary Livestock, Sajid Yousafani, said that Pakistan has the ability and potential as well to capture a sizeable portion of $2 trillion world halal food industry and the existing volume of exports is no match to Pakistan’s annual output of Halal meat. He said that the required legislation for Halal certification was at advance stage and would help give big boost to Pakistani Halal exports.
Haji Abdul Malik Kassim said that Malaysia is playing a very vital role in the expansion of Halal food industry and taking all possible measures for the promotion of Halal products. He said Pakistan has the potential to become superpower of Halal Industry since it has all the required ingredients and potential.
*This article was published by Associated Press of Pakistan. Read the original article here.
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