UK: Halal safe with me, says PM

With the debate about halal slaughter intensifying in recent weeks, Prime Minister David Cameron has declared that as long as he is in power, halal will be safe.

In the wake of Denmark’s ban on non-stun slaughter, Cameron has moved to assure UK Muslims that similar action will not be taken here.

Speaking at the Muslim News Awards for Excellence in London, Cameron discussed the topics of religious slaughter and Islamophobia. He said: “Really tackling Islamophobia means making absolutely sure that no Muslim is held back from living their life or reaching their goals, simply because of the faith they follow.

“Soon the food will arrive and you will all be able to eat. Let me make it absolutely clear, that while I am Prime Minister of this country, halal is safe in Britain.”

Shaykh Tauqir Ishaq, head of certification at the Halal Authority Board, welcomed what he called a ‘brave’ statement from Cameron. He said: “We welcome David Cameron’s comments that halal meat is safe. We believe, and we can prove, that it is the most humane way of slaughtering animals if performed correctly. Those countries that are creeping along the dangerous route to ban religious slaughter will just open up export markets for us in the UK, and those campaigners who are against the principle of religious slaughter need to be educated in animal welfare.”

The halal discussion exploded into public consciousness after Denmark announced a ban on non-stun slaughter in February, with the Scandinavian country’s ministry of agriculture declaring that “animal welfare takes precedence over religion”.

*This excerpt of an article was originally published on on 3 April 2014. Read the full article here.

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